Read What CurveTop Cajon Customers Say!

 "Two words: Great product!  The tonal range, road tested durability, playability, and comfort… I really can't put into words the quality of this drum day in and day out for me on the road.  My Chavez CurveTop is my go-to cajon for any professional application."
Ben Karon—Percussionist for Gypsy Lumberjacks, Minnesota

"I finally got my hands on a Chavez CurveTop Cajon! I've been playing another cajon brand for the last three years, admittedly wishing for something more—more resonance, projection, and comfort. Compared to my Meinl cajon, the Chavez cajon's greater depth, range, and sensitivity helps me play in more diverse settings. The CurveTop feature is really comfortable on the hands, thumbs, butt, and back. For the latter, the Chavez cajon makes hour-long sets more comfortable for my lower back, which I think is due to its slightly taller height. And the seat sticks out about an inch past the rear of the cajon, so I don't find myself gradually sliding back over the rear of the cajon. I'm already telling my friends about this cajon. Get one today!"
Doug Metzgar—Percussionist, Idaho

"The Chavez CurveTop Cajon is by far the best cajon I’ve ever played. The sound separation from bass to snare is like no other cajon out there, giving my snare beats a comfortable real sound. I have owned three other common brand cajons; they are nice end tables now. Todd Chavez has created a cajon like no other. Don't waste your money on a mass-produced cajon, go for the handcrafted Chavez Cajon. It will be the last cajon you'll ever buy."
Wally Jones—Percussionist, Idaho

“I have been "riding" a Chavez CurveTop for the past 18 months and have been amazed with it. It’s atypical snare mounting gives a nice range of non-snare "wood block" tones above the snare with room to spare lower on the face to hit the "Tom" without the snare buzz. Tunes beautifully from a subtle jazzy coffee shop sound to a firm response for situations where you sacrifice subtlety for volume. The curved top has eliminated bruising my palm as well as opening the top center face for playing. Very ruggedly built. When it comes time to replace, it will be with another Chavez.”
Ray Fitting "50"Cajonista, Boise

"Having tried a couple of cajons with flat tops and corner-edges, I’ve found the CurveTop Cajon, with its wood shaped well for comfort, is lovely to sit on when playing. The dip for the thumbs is a simple but really effective design tweak and the removable snare is super handy so I can play in different ways. It's a beautiful piece and it sounds great—even better with practice!"
Marianne Baker—Recreational cajon player, London

"There are quite a few great sounding cajons out there, but none of them are as comfortable to play as the CurveTop. The CurveTop makes a huge difference when playing long sets. No more bruised hands! Being able to keep my percussion accessories inside the cajon is also a big plus. Thanks for thoughtfully designing a cajon for the gigging musician."
Keith Nesbitt—Professional Percussionist, California