CurveTop Details

The Chavez CurveTop Cajon™ brings the full suite of innovations beginning with our ergonomically curved top for greater hand comfort when playing in any musical style. The raised top allows us to create a curved surface along the front and the sides of the cajon top. The result of the curving is most prominent at the drum's corners where our uniformly curved corners replaces the problematic sharp corners of a typical cajon - exactly where hands meet the drum to produce a pop. The result is a full-toned cajon which can be played aggressively with greater hand comfort.
The CurveTop Cajon's removable snare module allows quick changes from snare to snareless applications while the opening "PopTop" makes gear storage between gigs a breeze.
Each CurveTop cajon is available in the classic wood finish. And, as an optional add-on, we can customize your Chavez Cajon with a graphic of your choice. Choose from our library of graphics or send us yours!
Baltic birch construction throughout creates a full range of sound from crisp snare pops to warm clear bass drum notes.

The Chavez CurveTop Cajon features:

  • CurveTop™ ergonomic design - A comfortable meeting of hand and cajon.™
  • PopTop™ opening top for gear storage while traveling.
  • ThumbGlide™ allowing the thumbs to glide above the CurveTop.
  • ExtendBack™ for more seating area!
  • SlotSnares™ snare module for quick snare to snareless changes
  • SlotSnares come with a protective tube for safe storage.
  • Classic wood finish
  • Optional add-on colorful graphic wraps
  • Gear storage bag for "on the go" storage inside the cajon.
  • Free shipping within the continental U.S.


  • Baltic birch body and CurveTop.
  • Baltic birch tapa (front striking plate).
  • Cajon body dimensions - 19.5" high x 11.75" wide x 11.75" deep.
  • CurveTop dimensions - 11.75" wide x 12.5" deep.
  • 1" reinforced rubber feet (included in height of cajon).
  • Weighs 14 lbs.