What We're About

We create superb sounding handcrafted cajons. The Chavez CurveTop Cajon™  is the world's first cajon designed with ergonomics in mind for a more comfortable meeting of hand and cajon. By replacing sharp angles with curves, the cajon player can play more often, for longer periods of time and more aggressively, while reducing overall impact to the hands.

The CurveTop's ergonomic features as well as other innovations were born out of necessity. A two-month UK tour the summer of 2012 demonstrated the need for a cajon that significantly reduces the chances of hand fatigue from frequent "rock-n-roll" cajon playing. With no product available on the market, we put our minds to developing a solution.

We are proud to provide the Chavez CurveTop Cajon, handcrafted in Boise, Idaho, USA.