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I Can't Buy This Kind of Advertising

October 04, 2014 Todd Chavez

This past week I had the pleasure to meet one of my customers, Ben Karon. Ben's a professional cajonist performing with the Minneapolis-based trio, Gypsy Lumberjacks. This was their second pass through Boise while on tour this year but my first time seeing them. It won't be my last. I thoroughly enjoyed their style and blend of music. On top of that, I got to witness Ben's percussive skills in action on one of my cajons. Just for fun, Ben and I posed for a photo and Ben said, "Hey, send me that photo and I'll post it on our...

The CurveTop™ Cajon Concept Part 2 – Building a Better Box

August 08, 2014 Todd Chavez

Back from the UK, I knew what I needed—a cajon with a severely curved leading edge—and searched the Google Universe but found nothing to match. It was odd. After all, there are approximately 1.3 bazillion people making cajons. The solution was to build my own. Well, ummm... I mean find someone who could help me build my own. I was finally able to move from concept to prototype when I met up with wood craftsman Bryan Connington. In the summer of 2013, Bryan and I began developing the CurveTop™ Cajon. The primary goal was to develop the curved leading edge....

The CurveTop™ Cajon Concept Part 1 – “How did I get here?”

August 03, 2014 Todd Chavez

I’ve played drums since I was little kid and dabbled in other percussive arts along the way, but my primary focus has been drum kit. That is until my friend and fretless glass-neck guitar virtuoso Ned Evett asked me to join him on a UK tour the summer of 2012. But we wouldn’t be a full on power trio as we had been in the past. This time Ned wanted to travel light while promoting the release of his TREEHOUSE album on which he had brought an Americana feel to his compositions. Nope, no drum kit on tour this time...

Introducing CurveTop™ Cajons from Chavez Cajon!

March 17, 2014 Todd Chavez

Welcome to Chavez Cajon! We're super excited to offer our line of CurveTop™ Cajons. Our patent-pending ergonomic design will bring you years of comfortable and great-sounding cajon playing. Chavez Cajons - A comfortable meeting of hand and cajon.