I Can't Buy This Kind of Advertising

October 04, 2014 Todd Chavez

This past week I had the pleasure to meet one of my customers, Ben Karon. Ben's a professional cajonist performing with the Minneapolis-based trio, Gypsy Lumberjacks. This was their second pass through Boise while on tour this year but my first time seeing them. It won't be my last. I thoroughly enjoyed their style and blend of music. On top of that, I got to witness Ben's percussive skills in action on one of my cajons.
Just for fun, Ben and I posed for a photo and Ben said, "Hey, send me that photo and I'll post it on our band blog." The next morning I got a text from Ben asking to send the photo as soon as possible so he could post it before they left town for Salt Lake City.
Well, I'm going to let Ben take it from here, but I must say, I can't buy this kind of advertising. Read what Ben had to say by popping on over to the Gypsy Lumberjack's news BLOG at:
Thanks Ben!
P.S. - Here's a photo of the custom Bass CurveTop Cajon we built for Ben. Note the additional striking plate on the side for a bass drum pedal to strike. The cajon on the right is our regular-sized cajon for comparison.


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